FAKIRA Ricky Mishra will be presenting his song "Fakira " with his new avtar... After working with Mika Singh in the album "najre Milne wali" gave a limelight to the singer and renown music director Ricky Mishra
While going through the Up's and down in his musical journey Ricky Mishra has to say about his struggle that he gone through the hard times. He speaks "for him struggling means motivating himself to prepare for something new rather than suffering ".. And to prove his thoughts for his work this song will be the resultant,song include the beautiful lyrics penned down to describe the folk Punjabi love story and the pain to revise the mesmerizing music, which gonna be a heart touching feeling for all the people .the music video will be starring Mandip kaur and she will be facing the camera for the first time with Ricky Mishra,both of them gave their best of their acting for this song. Rajan Kheda was the reason behind the beautiful words of the lyrics who has already given many pleasant lyrics for Ricky Mishra's song.
The song Fakira will be releasing under the spiritual house entertainment will be released by viral music company...
And the cinematography and direction were epic to applaud the work of the renown director kuldip seshodia who presented the song at its best in the video with his awsome direction which has been supported by Bharat j kheni.
Ricky Mishra says that music is a bond between the song and listeners who bind them to make a music relationship to a heartful relationship.. And the full music video of Fakira will be releasing world wide on 14th of July