Ateryi Gohsal new album Ekla Somoy got release

Atreyi Gohsal born with wonderful voice. Trained by mother at initial stage and then got the opportunities to get the training from Suvodeep Mukherjee then Amrita Chatterjee and Sparsh Music Academy.
Ateryi new album Ekla Somoy got release at Press Club, Kolkata from renowned music company COZMIK HARMONY. The composer of this album are honourable musical personality Ragahab Chattopadhya, Biswarup Gosh Dastidar, Swakshar Basu, Raja Chatterjee and Arijit Chakraborty.

    The title and the composers of the songs as follows :
  • Ek Tukro Akash - Lyrics - Utpal Das, Music - Raghab Chattopadyay
  • Jhoro Hawa - Lyrics & Music - Biswarup Ghosh Dastidar
  • Faguner Gaan Sonano - Lyrics - Utpal Das, Music - Raghab Chattopadhyay
  • Bhora Sanjhe - Lyrics & Music - Raja Chattopadhyay
  • Maa go Chotto Belar - Lyrics - Swakshar Basu, Music - Arijit Chakraborty
  • Ekla Smay - Lyrics & Music - Swakshar Basu